Kapsul Made Prostam

Pimpinellae folia 45%
Eucherestae semen 37%
Cubebae fructus 18%
POM TR 053 143 591
Netto :
30 capsules

Traditionally it used to increase vitality as a sexual stimulant and endurance

Story : There are many people who can testify that Made Prostam Capsules are greatly effective to elevate a male’s vitality, physically as well as sexually. On the other hand, many also suspect that our super stamina extracts contain chemicals, as can be found in other stimulants widely sold in the market. We guarantee that the Made Prostam Extract we produce is prepared from genuine native Indonesian herbs.

There is the intriguing story of a gentleman from Medan whose libido and sexual potency – thanks to Prostam Made Capsules – suddenly became invigorated in such a way that his wife grew suspicious of her husband’s capabilities. The effect was indeed beyond expectation!

Secara tradisional ”Kapsul Made Prostam” digunakan untuk meningkatkan vitalitas, keperkasaan, dan gairah seks. Dengan meningkatnya vitalitas tubuh Anda, maka Anda akan merasa segar sepanjang hari meskipun padat dengan segudang aktivitas. Nikmati kebugaran tubuh Anda, hilangkan rasa lemah, letih, lesu yang akan mengganggu acara-acara bahagia Anda.

Aturan pakai :
Pencegahan : 1 x 1 kapsul sehari
Pengobatan : 3 x 1 kapsul sehari
Banyak minum air putih.


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