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Angelica keiski Koidzumi 100.00%

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Angelica Tea [Teh Racik Angelica]

When I had my practice in the office building of the Sunday paper Buana Minggu, a diabetic patient disappointedly complained to me why her blood sugar level hasn’t gone down although she had dutifully taken all the medicines of the Diabetes Package and also watched what she eats.

Bu Ning, How is it, that I have already consumed the complete Package, but my blood sugar is not dropping but is rising instead!” Patiently I asked her the doses she used in preparing the extracts.

“I have followed all the directions the sales-person told me. The capsules 3 times daily and 5 pieces of sliced Made. I’ve taken it for one month, but now this happens.”

In fact, cases like this often happens because of ignorance about the correct way of increasing doses of the ingredients. Besides that, sometimes conventional medicines that was taken in previously are now abruptly discarded and replaced by herbal extracts.

Obviously this is a mistake. The conventional medicines may only be replaced step by step and increment of Made herbal mixtures should be done little by little until 1 spoonful is filled. Don’t increase the doses too hastily the moment a reaction is felt like drowsiness, fever, etceteras.

Particularly in the case of Diabetes, there are instances where some patients don’t experience a drop in their blood sugar level, although they had faithfully taken the package treatment. That may happen because of the severity of the disease or because it is hereditary and maybe also because of uncontrolled eating habits. At long last I now have found the solution to face these “obstinate” kinds of Diabetes by way of adding Angelica Tea mixtures and Mahkota dewa extract capsules to the standard package. Blessed be God! For day by day it became apparent that Diabetes now can be conquered in a more suitable way, where the results can be observed within 10 days.

This was the case of a female patient named Yuliana from Rembang who was in a very weak condition with both legs full of sores and unable to stand up Thanks to treatment with Mahkotadewa extract capsules, Angelica Tea and Daun Salam capsules, within one month all her sores are healed and clean, she is beginning to sit up, and her blood sugar has returned to normal levels

Besides this there are other cases where cancer patients recovered more rapidly after they took the standard package added by Angelica Tea.

Among them is the case of the medical consultant of Mahkota Dewa Clinic, dr.Utami who is herself a physician and whose blood sugar ever reached a level of as high as 528 (!). Within one month we were able to bring it down to 170.

May all these testimonies widen the perspective of all our business partners.

Ashitaba (Angelica kesikei koidzmi)

Teh/serbuk Angelica ini sangat baik untuk menjaga stamina serta memperlancar peredaran darah, memperbaiki sel tubuh yang rusak dan mempercepat penyembuhan luka. Diminum bisa ditambahkan madu dengan air hangat.

Ashitaba termasuk dalam spesies famili seledri. Batangnya mempunyai lapisan cairan berwarna kuning yang mengandung Chalcone, yang bersifat khas untuk strain dari angelica (Angelica keiskei koidzmi). Chalcone jarang ditemukan di bahan alami manapun tetapi ini merupakan faktor kunci ashitaba. Penelitian telah menunjukkan bahwa sifat khas ashitaba setidak-tidaknya merupakan bagian yang berhubungan dengan komponen yang luar biasa ini. Chalcone yang terdapat di ashitaba terkenal dengan sebutan Xanthoangelol, Xanthoangelol-E and 4-Hydrooxyderricin yang ditemukan oleh Dr. Kimie Baba (MD, Osaka University of Pharmacy). Komponen organik ini berupa flavonoid dan komponen tersebut memberi ciri khas lapisan kuning dari tanaman ashitaba. Hal inilah yang membedakan ashitaba dari semua strain angelica. Aktivitas antioksidan dari flavonoid berhubungan dengan struktur molekulernya, dan sifat struktur dari flavonoid tertentu yang ditemukan di ashitaba berpotensi sebagai antioksidan yang aktivitasnya melebihi anggur merah, teh hijau atau kedelai.


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