Racikan Cangkang Made


Phaleria M Fructus 100%

POM TR 053 143 621
Netto : 100 gr

Sliced peel of Ma(kota)-de(wa) is prepared exclusively from the fruit of Mahkota dewa [Phaleria Macrocarpa]. Through experience we’ve found that this medication is highly effective in subduing chronic diseases like cancer, hepatitis, or advanced tumor. It tastes more bitter than Sliced Made.

Story : This is the dramatic story of a sad-faced gentleman who came to our clinic showing dilated and seemingly petrified jawbones that made him unable to open his mouth so that he could not chew his food. Already for several months he was fed only liquid food that could pass between his teeth. According to the doctor’s analysis he was suffering from cancer of the jaw in its 4th stadium. At that time we gave him the Cancer Package which includes Peel of Tea added by Mahkotadewa Honey and floured Soy-beans as food-supplement. A week later the gentleman came again, but this time his face was shining. He told us that he was now able to eat normally. Thereafter, he reported regularly that he was recovering steadily and was in good health

Teh Cangkang Mahkota Dewa ini dibuat secara khusus dengan pengolahan yang hati-hati karena berasal dari cangkang biji buah Mahkota dewa secara tradisional digunakan untuk membantu proses penyembuhan penyakit kanker, mioma, kista, lever serta diabetes yang akut.

Untuk penderita dengan tekanan darah rendah agar menambahkan herbal lain seperti Jahe Merah dan Tapak Liman sesuai dengan petunjuk untuk menstabilkan tekanan darah.


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