Racikan Akar Alang-Alang

racikan-alang-alang.png COMPOSITION  
Impreta cylindrica 100%

POM TR 053 143 731
Netto : 100 gr


[Imperata cylindrica(L) Beauv.var.mayor(Nees) C.E.Hubb]

Traditionally it helps to reduce hyper cholesterolemia, hyper triglyceridemia, digestive hemorrhage, fever and nephritis.

Story : It was never thought of that blood-cleansing (hemo-dialysis) can be effected by using native Indonesian herbal medicines. This is the touching story of a young father whose body began to swell caused by the shrinking of both kidneys, making him incapable of working. He told us that he had to undergo blood-cleansing as much as twice a week and had to be hospitalized many times. His liquid intake was also very much limited to only 2 glasses daily. To halt the further swelling of his body we gave him a mixture of Sliced Alang-alang Roots, Sliced Made and Sliced Tapak Liman, with Mahkota Dewa Honey as a supplement.

We advised him to have himself routinely examined by a doctor supported by laboratory tests. Astonishingly, after taking the extracts for only one week, the swelling of his body had receded and urinating became effortless. Within one month he could work again.

Another case concerned a patient who similarly had to undergo blood-cleansing for already 36 times and had to be successively admitted to a hospital. By taking extract of Sliced Alang-alang Roots, he had to cleanse his blood less frequently and could urinate more easily. His uric creatine level also return to normal and the quantity he drinks is not limited anymore.

Secara tradisional biasanya digunakan dalam proses penyembuhan penyakit kolesterol, trigliserit, muntah darah, demam dan radang ginjal.

Untuk kasus kronis, pemakaian bisa 2 a’ 3 x lipat dari pencegahan biasa.


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