Obat Gosok Made


Phaleria Macrocarpa         18%
Piper Betle                       23%

Eugenia aromatica oil        23%

Other herbs                      36%

POM TR 043  639 121
Netto : 60 ml
MADE OINTMENT OIL, traditionally it is used for rheumatism, arthralgia, dizziness, myalgia, insect bytes, itch etc.  For sensitive skin apply sufficiently, shake before use.
Initially it was intended as a provision against dizziness during travels.  We combined various herbals with skin care properties and it turned out that the resulting ointment was highly beneficial as an external application against rheumatism and uric acid disorders.

One morning when we were holding an exposition at the Municipal Town-hall, there was a committee member who tried to conceal the pain in his swollen arm caused by uric acid.  We offered him our Ointment which was promptly applied on the afflicted arm.  We also provided him with Sliced Made and Sliced Sidaguri which he was to drink at home.

That same evening we met him again and were gladly surprised that he already could move his arm normally.  “I see that your arm is better now.”  He raised his arm while praising the ointment. “It is amazing, Madam, I already feel relieved now.”

Another case is about a German citizen we acquainted when traveling through Europe and to whom we presented our ointment as a token of friendship.  Three days afterwards when we met again he expressed his amazement after trying the ointment against his headache.  “I thank you very much for the medicine that has effectively relieved me from my headache.”

Obat Gosok Made ini secara tradisional digunakan untuk mengatasi rematik, asam urat, pusing-pusing, pegel linu, gigitan serangga, gatal-gatal dan lain-lain.
Aturan pakai : bersihkan bagian anggota tubuh yang sakit dengan air hangat, lalu keringkan kemudian oleskan obat gosok made ini sedikit demi sedikit sampai terasa hangat. Gunakan secukupnya untuk kulit sensitive atau pada bagian tubuh yang peka. Kocok dulu sebelum digunakan.


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