Minyak Urut Made


Phaleria Macrocarpa               10%

Gynura Segetum                    10%

Andropogon Citratus                20%

Eugenia aromatica oil              20%

Other Herbs                            40%

POM TR 053  647 881
Netto : 60 ml
This oil is the appropriate solution for those who like a body massage.  It feels comfortable on the whole body and is also suitable for children.  Those who had experienced its efficacy often will keep a reserve of several pots.

A woman from Medan complained about a skin affection she suffered in a concealed part of her body i.e. at her crotch.  She had tried all sorts of remedies but nothing would help, until she found the Umbi Daun Dewa, Sambiloto, and Mahkotadewa capsules which she took 3 times a day.  Combined with the application of Made Massage Oil after taking a bath, gradually the itching vanished.  “I’m very grateful to you, Madam” she said, “At last I’m now freed from this very embarrassing disease.” 

MINYAK URUT MADE, secara tradisional biasanya digunakan sebagai obat luar bila masuk angin, perut kembung, alergi, digigit nyamuk dll.

Cara pemakaian : Oleskan minyak urut Made sedikit demi sedikit kebagian tubuh yang terasa sakit sampai terasa hangat. Bisa juga digunakan sebagai penghangat tubuh sesaat setelah mandi


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