Minyak Made


Phaleria Macrocarpa                 10%
Andrographis paniculata            10%
Andropogon citratus                  20%
Eugenia aromatica oil                20%

Other herbs                              40%

POM TR 043  633  301

Netto : 60 ml

Initially meant to treat freckles of adolescents, we tried to combine green coconut oil with various medicinal herbals to cure a series of skin ailments from fresh wounds, itching, gangrene, persistent eczema till burns.  During the Bali bombing tragedy, our local business partner reported that that this oil was very effective in curing the victim’s burns.

In a seminar held at the premises of the Pondok Indah Mosque, South Jakarta, a Plastic Surgeon from Bali made the sensational comment:  “Made Oil is indeed tremendous!  Usually it takes 2 weeks for a patient who has been operated on her/his armpit to heal until the wound is completely dry.  With this oil it was achieved only in 5 days!” Really a terrific and for us gratifying statement.  This proves that Indonesian medicinal herbals, if properly prepared possess extraordinarily curative properties

MADE OIL, Traditionally it used for cuts, burns, scrathes and any open wounds, eczema, acne, skin myosis, stomatitis, slough skin, psoriasis and herpes.

Usage direction : Clean up the wound area with warm salt mixed water, dry the wound up then apply the oil at the surface of the wound. Apply 2 to 3 times daily. Shake before use.

MADE OIL ini secara tradisional digunakan dalam proses penyembuhan luka bakar, luka baru, eksim jerawat, kurap, kutu air, bibir pecah / sariawan, telapak kaki pecah, psoriasis, herves.

Bersihkan bagian luka dengan kapas yang dibasahi air hangat dicampur garam, keringkan lalu oleskan minyaknya. Bila lukanya berat, gunakan minyak ini sebagai kompres dengan menggunakan kain kasa atau perban yang steril. Kocok dahulu sebelum digunakan.


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