Instant MADE I


Phaleria M Fructus           39,77%

Sucrose                          56,82%

Other Herbs                      3,41%

POM TR 033 224 551
Netto : 350 gr
Instant Made-I or ‘Made Murni’ is our premier product with the taste of sweetened tea, easy to serve and readily drinkable by elderly people as well as children. Initially this product was only meant as a health drink, so it was an unexpected surprise when it became evident that it could also treat patients suffering gout (uric acid), heart and stomach diseases and light tumors.

Story :There is the remarkable case of a 5-year old child living in a housing complex in Tangerang who suffered from congenital heart disorder. Medical examinations concluded that an operation was inevitable. But, financial inability eventually brought him to us. So, we proposed to drink ‘Instan Made Murni’ [later Made I] but remaining under the doctor’s intensive control. Two months later the doctor was astonished when he discovered that the child’s heart disease was cured. Now the boy has recovered without an operation. With God’s help his ailment never recurred. He grew up to become a smart and energetic young man.
Adults with heart disorders may combine drinking this extract with Umbi Daun Dewa and Sambung Nyawa capsules.

INSTANT MADE I, terdiri dari olahan buah Mahkota Dewa dan gula dengan khasiat sebagai antioksidan, mencegah kanker, mengatasi alergi, serta membantu mengatasi hipertensi dan asam urat. Produk ini dibuat terutama untuk menjaga kesehatan dan kebugaran tubuh. Bahkan lini produk ini dapat membantu mengatasi beberapa penyakit. Cara minumnya sangat praktis dan bisa dihidangkan dalam keadaan dingin maupun hangat.
Konsumsi pencegahan, 1 sendok makan in
stan dicampur dengan 200cc air hangat atau dingin menjelang tidur. Konsumsi untuk terapi penyembuhan penyakit, tingkatkan dosis menjadi 3 kali sehari setelah makan.


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